Warm time - 4th birthday party

Jinfeng family birthday party in April

On April 13, 2012, the family’s April birthday party was held on the first floor of the office building as scheduled. Jinfeng family members from the first-line workshops and department offices stepped into the auditorium with “Blessings for Happy Birthday”. The warm and soothing opening remarks of the host Li Nan officially opened the curtain of the birthday party. The family lit the candle in happiness, made a wish in their smile, and felt with the heart the small birthday gifts the company had prepared for each of them ( The keychains with LOGO, "Year of the Year" and "Happy Birthday" are affixed to Jinfeng. As we eat birthday cakes, we watch the video clips (recorded by the Planning Department specifically for live recording) for each family. With the beat of each note of the background light music, the family members experienced the warmth and peace, knowledge of prizes (really rewarded a small trinket or towel). Q&A brought the atmosphere of the scene to a climax, involving the company’s culture, Basic knowledge of bearings, company management system, social facts, etc., everyone jumped bravely and enthusiastically, and the qualities and connotations of Jinfeng people This ring-and-loop activity was released. This is the power that condenses into Jinfeng's spirit. This harmonious atmosphere infects the organizations and servers of our administrative, manpower, and planning sites, and finally attaches. In the thoughts of the family, the family members harvested the spirit of music and ended the one-hour birthday party.

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15 May,2018