Mining bearing

Mining machinery bearings:

Mine machinery is mostly used in sparsely populated mountains, deserts and other areas. In this environment, the failure of any equipment will affect the overall situation. This requires that mining machinery must be equipment that is both durable and reliable.

█ Mining bearings features:

Sealability The use of a contact seal can effectively prevent the intrusion of foreign matter, water, and the like.

The large load acts as a pulley-specific bearing, increasing its radial load capacity and axial load capacity.

Corrosion resistance Phosphating film treatment improves rust resistance.

Grease-refill type Although it is a sealed type bearing, it adopts a structural design that replenish grease through a grease injection hole in the inner ring.

Jinfeng has introduced top-quality bearings with unprecedented service life and limit rotational speed with top-notch technology, contributing to the reduction of equipment maintenance costs in such harsh working conditions at mine sites.

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 WBJF Feature

1. 100% raw material inspection before going into factory ,and the production shall be started only after the materials are qualified.

2. All raw materials are made of special ones from steel mill.

3. Each batch of products has a unique production number, which can be traced back to the whole process. The traced material shall be kept for a minimum of 3 years.

4. 100% magnetic particle inspection before assembly and 100% Digital Ultrasonic inspection for medium and large bearing.

5. The lowest precision level from WBJF is P6.