Cement is one of the World's most important building materials – and its production one of the most severe processing environments, and so demands outstanding performance. WBJF bearings provide the Cement and related industries with the reliability, sustainability and toughness required to withstand the critical processing factors of water, dust and grit, extreme temperatures, vibration and huge loads. Like other extreme processing and extraction industries, Cement machinery must continuously operate under these challenging conditions. 

WBJF understands your production environments and maintenance issues, and that the solution to sustainable productivity lies in new technology. As such our bearings are based on proprietary stateof-the-art technology, combined with the experience and knowledge from working with industry leaders. We have designed bearings to ensure your processes continue to run smoothly. WBJF bearings exceed the limits of conventional bearings in terms of long operating life and high limiting speed to give you the toughness you require.

15 Dec,2017